HaulShare Saves you Time

At HaulShare – we get it!  We understand property managers wear many different hats.  As your list gets longer and the days seem shorter, we know that time is of the essence. 

In fact, when it comes to junk removal and bulk pick-ups, 53% of property managers suggest that the time it takes to schedule and coordinate the pick-up is their biggest challenge. 

With this in mind, the HaulShare team developed a web application that connects property managers with local junk haulers.  In most cases, we can reduce request inquiries to under 1 minute or less.  Simply select the item(s) you need removed, upload pictures or enter a description, then select a time that works best for you.  We handle the rest! 

If you’d like to demo our web application or if you’d like more information about how HaulShare can save you time, please email us at at info@haulshare.co.