What’s Hiding in your Attic?

If used efficiently, an attic can be used as valuable storage space. Unfortunately, attics fill up quickly with items that are soon forgotten.  To make matters worse, attics are small, gloomy and dusty spaces that aren’t exactly fun to spend time in. There are several items you can easily rid of to free up space in your attic. 


If you’re holding onto furniture you’re hoping to pass down, it may be wise to make a plan.  You don’t want to pass along furniture that will only collect dust in someone else’s attic. When it’s time to let the item go, one of our trusted haul professionals will do the work!  No need to bring it down from the attic, our haulers will gladly do so if needed.  


It’s easy for holiday decorations to pile up.  Instead of adding to the stock piles, consider thinking about what decoration items are essential.  Any items you can live without can go!

Empty boxes 

It’s exciting to get new appliances, but there’s really no need to keep the box it came in (unless you plan to return it).  If you’ve had an appliance for more than 3 years, it’s time to get rid of the box. Go through your attic and make sure the boxes are empty before getting rid of them.  

When it’s time to organize your attic, skip the dumpster or truck rental and leave it to our haul professionals.  We offer junk removal services that fit your needs and schedule. Contact us today to get started.